Birthday horoscope capricorn march 2 2020

Is he still going to pursue me or not? If yes, are we meant for each other and will get married? Or if not, when will i found the man for me? Thank you!

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Well, your love compatibility index would be high. If you still have feelings on him, you are suggested to have more patience and have a serious talk with him.

November 22: Sagittarius

See whether if there is misunderstanding. You are a kind person with popular characteristics. Of course you will obtain the harmonious marriage life.

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I was born September 28th in the Philippines, and my boyfriend was born June 20, in Abu Dhabi. What's the future ahead for us? Thank you. You can become a happy and sweet couple. Quarrels seldom occur in your daily life. Similar interests and hobbies always bring common topics. Thus, the relationship is full of energy. Don't worry. I'm a female fire rabbit born September 28, and his a male fire rabbit born June 20, Will our relationship going to last?