March 11 horoscope capricorn

The moon enters Capricorn, finding you eager to catch up on time alone, even though so much growth is taking place in your social life as Jupiter ends its retrograde. The moon connects with unruly Uranus, which begins its retrograde today, bringing changes at home, and Mercury enters your opposite sign Leo, pushing conversations forward in your relationships. The moon enters Capricorn and Jupiter ends its retrograde, inspiring you to network—not just for your social life but for your career, too!

The moon connects with wildcard Uranus, which begins its retrograde today, finding you meeting inspiring people and sharing surprising ideas. Mercury enters Leo again after last month's retrograde, helping you finally push plans forward. You're expanding in all sorts of wonderful ways as the moon enters Capricorn and Jupiter ends its retrograde! The moon connects with wildcard Uranus, which begins its retrograde today, bringing a eureka moment concerning money, and Mercury enters fellow fire sign Leo picking up a conversation about love or a creative project.

The moon enters fellow earth sign Capricorn and Jupiter ends its retrograde, finding you ready to take a leap. An a-ha moment arrives as the moon connects with wildcard Uranus, which begins its retrograde today. A new perspective is here, and Mercury enters Leo again after last month's retrograde, kicking up communication around home and family.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope for March 11

You're in a serious mood as the moon enters Capricorn, and an emotional breakthrough takes place as the moon connects with electric Uranus. Your relationships are growing and your brilliant inner voice is calling for attention as Jupiter ends and Uranus begins their retrogrades. News and conversations frustrated by last month's retrograde pick back up as your ruling planet Mercury enters Leo. Your focus turns to relationships as the moon enters your opposite sign Capricorn, and exciting meetings take place as the moon connects with electric Uranus!

Talk about finishing the decade powerfully! In , an unusual number of planets powwow in YOUR sign. Want some more? The AstroTwins' Horoscope—your ultimate guide tot the year that kicks off the new decade—is available now! In your first house, the amorous planet helps you stand out from the crowd, so indulge that desire to dress up and be a bit more flamboyant than usual with your look. OWN your role as a power couple, and model positive action for others to emulate. Meanwhile, passionate Mars is marching through Scorpio all month November 19 to January 3 , lighting up your social eleventh house.

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The heart wants what it wants, but let your brain weigh in, too. Couples should emphasize the friendship aspect of your relationship to increase the fun AND alleviate any pressure that may be building during holiday season. On December 20, Venus undergoes a sea change and sails into Aquarius and your second house of practical luxury. Cook someone a meal; treat them to a massage or another of your secret talents; make a charitable donation in their name. When you do go out or indulge, make sure you are loving every minute, bite and sip.

Under this grounding alignment of the love planet and your celestial ruler, you can set boundaries that work for you or solidify a teetering union. All your biggest love days, revealed. Step into your power, Capricorn! December marks a huge shift for you as the tides start flowing in your favor and clarity commences.


On December 2, expansive Jupiter moves into your sign for the first time since , staying until December 19, Lucky Jupiter only visits your sign every 12 years, so this momentous cycle could shine the spotlight directly on you and your goals. Ready to move in a totally new direction? Not only is Jupiter joining structured Saturn your ruler and alchemical Pluto in Capricorn, but a powerful solar eclipse also occurs in your sign on December 26, followed by a merger between Jupiter and the confident Sun on the 27th.

Capricorn horoscope for March 11, 2014

Jump-start the new decade by kicking in long-closed doors. The luck and the positive pull of Jupiter in this row is incredibly important, for without it a person would be struggling, moving in circles, and holding on to imagery of the Self without future or hope. As their vision changes and time goes by, they will start affecting their circumstances by shaping their beliefs, and find their optimism to be the powerful fuel leading them where they want to go. The Sabian symbol for Pisces representatives born on March 11th of a leap year, and two years following it:.

We will primarily observe these intertwining symbols as a time to play and a time to eat, a time for tenderness and a time for obligations, with both of them carrying a sense of joy and satisfaction to our world.

Capricorn: Your daily horoscope - May 15

Still it will seem inevitable to think about the sacrifice of the lamb as we combine them, and this is a powerful statement that individuals born on March 11th carry within. Very often, they will become vegetarians or vegans, some of them even rebellious and problematic, standing against corporations that rule the world of meat. There is something incredibly childish in the souls of people born on the 11th of March. Their appearance might come off as serious and dedicated to a certain image, with their health stable and their heart in place, but their curious mind and the way they communicate set them apart from everyone else.

They are special, blessed by intelligence in the world where silence and emotion prevail, as if their sole purpose in life is to balance dualities all around them, in their entire Cosmos, through joy, laughter, a good sense of humor, and social contacts that make them smile.

A person born on March 11th isn't exactly a solid relationship material until they manage to mend some of their inner wounds. They are self-sufficient and turned to their own ego, not always very eager to think about the need of the person they are in love with. Their emotional awareness will allow them to sense how their partner feels, but their battle for dominance will see every partner as a threat to their priority system that functions properly without any changes imposed on it.

Venus enters Aquarius

They can be only with someone who is their equal, someone to love them as childish as they get, and act without fear to be just as childish with them often enough. They want to share this curious nature with the world, especially that one special person they love, but get easily distracted before actually falling in love. Their sex life will speak best of their emotional connection and it is obvious from their ability to give in, how far along they progressed on the scale of Soul's evolution.

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Individuals born on March 11th have the freedom of expression in their hands.