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For studying effects of any Bhava, Bhava, its lord and karaka should be considered. First of all, it should be decided that which planet influences 7th house most. The influence may be by position, aspect or conjunction PAC. In Gemini Astrology, Darakaraka planet signifies Spouse.

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Upapada Pada of 12th house also gives us clue about spouse and quality of marital life. If Upapada is conjunct or aspected by benefic planets or is in sign of benefic then one gets full happiness from wife. If 2nd from Upapada is in benefic sign or aspected by benefics then one gets sober and beautiful wife. The above results may be modified if concerned planet is in own house or exaltation.

Here Gemini aspects should be considered. Read Post a comment. Mutable signs do better in a support role. Though astrological placements should not be held accountable for incompetency. The most common zodiac sign for house members was Gemini. For Senators it was Scorpio. For congressional democrats it was Libra.

Your Astrological Guide to Venus in Your Birth Chart

For congressional republicans it was Gemini. For presidents it was Aquarius. Like if you have a virgo sun, you can come off as really innocent once someone gets to know you more, Virgo Mercury when you talk you talk very innocently, etc. I absolutely love love LOVE reading these, so i decided it could be fun to share my own personal observations and experiences with people. For example: If have sun in the 5th and my 5th house cusp is in libra. Ex: if your moon is in the 9th house, check sagittarius moon, if your sun is in the 4th house, check cancer sun, and so on..

Both have a vibe and ethereal sparkle; while Leo brings a resplendent face full of luminosity, Aquarius brings with him a celestial face, brought from another galaxy. Being sister signs, they share common traits like stuffed and kissable lips, possibly a mantle of freckles and natural glow, beautifully curved eyebrows and their graceful aura from the sun. Both love expressing themselves and being in communication.

With a sense of humor and grace of a swan, they can be easily loved or hated. Both capture looks wherever they go, denoting their desire to be playful and flirtatious with people and life itself. Of a particular ego, the two can compete together to be the center of attention and at the same time, admire each other and raise their egos to each other. Both love to consent and see the beauty of the world; Leo in a more glamorous way, Aquarius does it in a more spiritual sense. Both born artist and creative can express it in different ways, even in their own personality.

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The two are fascinated by music, dance, the new and attractive; Leo can develop it more easily and become a famous and admired face, Aquarius can be a rough diamond with fascinating gifts to discover. They feel safer on the run, seeking out a variety of opportunities. It takes a special blend of freedom through trust and understanding to make these individuals to commit their heart to anything. Or really egotistical and bitchy??

Does anyone else not really relate to what people say about their 1st house stellium? We always reads a sign with their opposite to fully understand. So if you have any random observations you would like to share, be my our guest!

Astrology And The Age Difference In Marriage

In reality they are all too anxious to actually cause any harm. None of these works are mine. They are all links to the astrology tumblr stuff I have found and loved by fellow users. I have organized all the astrology stuff in my likes into a masterlist to easily use when studying astrology and for whoever else wants to access this.

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Hopefully will be updated frequently. Log in Sign up. For example, one of my friends is a Scorpio sun and rising, but she gives strong Pisces vibes as her sun falls in her 12th house Pisces venus people have an innate great fashion sense, which they may not even be aware of Aquarius on the 2nd house cusp could make someone a spendthrift.

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Like mixing two paints and painting with the product. Not being entirely aware that they were two separate colours to begin with. Aries is a lot smarter and perceptive than they are given credit for. They make very good liars and manipulators. Fire risings are not as in your face as one would expect. Pisces can be a very independent sign. The motive behind this however, can be due to the fact that they feel bad for asking for things and being a burden on others.

Your only caveat is that he can only be a little older than you — nothing more than five or six years your senior. You want a partner who will knock your socks off in bed, but still have that protective, stable nature about him. As a sophisticated, mature zodiac sign, you like dating above your own age because it means you get to stimulate your mind and be with someone who respects and appreciates your refined nature.

Pisces, nothing is more romantic to you than knowing you have someone who loves you and will protect you from everything bad that happens in life. Just knowing that you can come home to someone big and strong, yet gentle and kind, at night is like a dream to you. In other words, your ideal relationship.

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When you look for the perfect partner, he needs to be able to check off everything on your wish list, no excuses. You would much rather stay single than date frogs until you find your Prince Charming. You also know that the older the guy is, the more mature and confident he is in making a commitment. You already know what you want in a relationship — you always have.

Dating is kind of a pain in the butt to you, Aquarius. Relationships are able growing with someone and investing in something important. You will not tolerate dating someone younger than you because, more often than not, it just turns into a headache for you. You'd be a good trophy wife anyway. You just want a strong, lasting relationship with someone who sees the value of commitment just as much as you do.

If you know you can count on your partner to stick it out with you through thick or thin, people can call you whatever they want. You still get the man and the perfect relationship, so you win no matter how much older he is than you.

How to find Your Marriage Partner in Astrology - Asteroid Juno

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