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Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. They will resist new ideas and cling to people and material objects. Typically spiritual people, during these periods of resistance they may immerse themselves in their faith. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Intellectually potent, the Hasta birth star native has a sharp wit and carries a great deal of knowledge. They require stable environments in which they can control the situation. They are known to be kind and generous and prone to helping out in the community.

Naturally charming and polite, they have an engaging presence which draws people to them. Ruggedly handsome men and similarly pleasing women, the Hasta natives are general tall. Well-developed bones and a stocky stature are common. Their hands are said to be short and many have an identifying feature on the back of the right hand or shoulder. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! These people are loyal to a fault. As such, they are well respected in their communities despite their often fluctuating circumstances.

Unforeseen events often plague these folks and create much discomfort in the financial, romantic and professional realms. The ever changing environment can be challenging emotionally for these natives. Test Now! Continued happiness and satisfaction often elude those born to this Nakshatra. Highly moral, they insist on complete honesty at all times and they cannot tolerate criticism or betrayal.

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When threatened, the charming companion quickly becomes aggressive. In certain situations they become vindictive and will spare no expense in righting their perceived wrong. Known to be compassionate and strong-minded they have a strong work ethic and make loyal employees. However, they may have difficulty maintaining long-term employment as they are challenged by any sort of ongoing restrictions or supervision. They tend to exhibit self-destructive behaviors when they have worked with the same organization for any length of time.

This is a sort of survival skill they enlist to free themselves from their perceived enslavement. Of course, there is a reason why he got this nickname and if we look at the above description that might be it. Because the ascendant is in Hasta this is a trait of his character that is visible for the whole world. Because the sexual planets Mars and Venus are in Hasta, sexuality certainly is a part of his moral problems.

Another indication that his problems have to do with sex and secrets is that the lord of Hasta, the Moon is in the eighth house of sexual strength. Of course Hasta has other more spiritual traits too, but because Bill Clinton is not really known for being on a spiritual path the above traits surfaces.

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The deity, which belongs to Hasta, is Savitar, the Sun god. This is appropriate for someone who is president of the USA.

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In addition, we see he has the Sun in the royal constellation of Magha. Again, I will give a quote from the Hindu lunar zodiac:"The royal star of Regulus is the most important star in the constellation of Magha. In Western astrology, this star deals with fame and kingship too. This constellation brings prosperity. Someone whose horoscope is dominated by Magha is a natural authority". The Nakshatra in which the Moon is located is one of the most important Nakshatras.

I will give a quote from the Hindu lunar zodiac about Krittika: "In the sky, Krittika is positioned in the form of a group of stars called "The Pleiades", or the "weeping sisters" as they are sometimes called. The warrior may bring destruction and sadness. However, he may also be the protector of the good and the destroyer of evil.

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The warrior knows what he wants and he is prepared to give his life in order to protect what is good. Karttikeya, the general of the heavenly army, is the bearer of the golden sword. He fights demons and shines like the sun in his golden armour. That is why Karttikeya is associated with the golden light of the sun and the wealth connected with it. Agni, the other god that reigns over Krittika, brings destruction but also purification".

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Bill Clinton has had to deal with several warlike situations during his office. Therefore, we have another indication of leadership. There is more in the chart. Mercury and Saturn are in Pushya. This means two planets are in the Nakshatra about which my booklet the Hindu lunar zodiac says the following: " In Vedic astrology, Pushya and Rohini are considered to be the most favourable lunar constellations for this earthly life.

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An enterprise which is started when the moon is in Pushya or Rohini can hardly fail. The god belonging to Pushya is Brihaspati.

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The constellation brings wisdom and abundance. It gives both material and spiritual nourishment. For this reason, the constellation has to do with teachers, priests, gurus, but also with material wealth and expansion.

The expansion can sometimes be pushed too far and for this reason this constellation might suffer from obesity". If we look at a picture of Bill Clinton, we see that he suffers a bit from obesity. At the same time, this is a very beneficial Nakshatra. Now you might say that Saturn in Pushya might spoil his luck. However, the lord of Pushya is Saturn. Therefore, Saturn is in its own Nakshatra, which means that Saturn is functioning well.

Kanya Rasi (Virgo Sign) 12222 Rashi Phal (Rashifal)

In addition we see that Saturn is located in an Upachaya house the eleventh in which malefics are welcomed. Therefore this Saturn in Pushya does not spoil his luck but on the contrary promotes it. Let us look at Rahu in the chart.

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  • Rahu is the shadow planet of insatiable desires. We have to be careful not to attach too much importance on the Nakshatra in which this shadowplanet is in, because Rahu is very slowly moving. Many people of Mr. Still I cannot help to note that Rahu is in Mrigashirsha. This Nakshatra has to do with romantic problems.