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He can rep off the people if he wanted, because here it's very hard to find us those readers. But this guy is not run behind money.

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I have my own experience with some people I know. When people going to ask all the chapters, first he asks what details people focus on, then he recommend to ask particular chapters. But if we needed he tell all the chapters what we want. Again if they cheaters , run behind money why they do that. Moreover I don't know the math they read name.

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But I've same doubt that they ask many letters and if they can match our name later on. But on my situation, once I heard in SL recorded from the beginning. Again I heard in UK and recorded from the beginning. They try with letters and still my name wasn't there with those tries and after few tries he found my name. Both SL and UK incident. I've repeatedly listen my recordings to capture if they did some trick. No way they did trick to find that. Also I don't know how the hell they tell my mothers first name before she change it to new name.

Finally, still I'm looking for their magic, and try to find how they doing this.

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  • Whatever trick they are doing, so far they didn't made any mistake on mine. Even I do not believe, I have to believe Nadi reading. No offence. Just my experience with them. I agree with you. But they are not doing any majic rather they read palm leaves written by Irshis long time back in India. This place is true and I have known this place more than 6 years. What they told to me became true and they say what's your destiny is. You can find the place in Kothalawala Avenue, Bambalapitiya.

    Namath rata job eakak kara niwaduwata eawa wele nikamata giya balanda matath kiuwa job eaka nethi wenawa kiyala mama wishwasa kale nehe mokada niwaduwata eawa nisa namuth mase eawara wenakota company eaka eawaray job eakath nehe wandith nehe. Eawagema after 3 month eayeth job eakak hamba wenawa kiuwa eawagema set una eaka nisa mama pili gannawa eaka eaththa kiyala.

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    • I need to know can I get the sinhala translation readings from your jaffna branch. How can i Get your service in that way. I have heard about 'Kaandam' Nadi Reading many many years ago and almost everyone said that they were told the truth, however, I have never approached for getting 'Nadi' reading sofar as I don't believe in any God or religion.

      Can anyone advise if I could still approach for 'Nadi' reading? Is there anything to do with God or Hindu religion? Will it work for me? Thank you in advance. I'm really curious about this and want to listen. But I'm not ready to hear my parents' death date.

      Can I ask them to avoid that part when reading? After he started reading, they didnt let me disturb in the middle. I also got the reading last month. Most of the time I feel like believing it and some times I dnt knw. I also have a problm,why they ask us to stay for a while and they go out even after selecting our correct leaf? But anyway, not all the details they say are collected from the information we give. Some say its correct. Future details we can check several years after. If they become true in the fututre, then I can exactly say whether I can recommend it or not.

      And some are not. Will see. I need to check my horoscope. Are all nadi prediction comes true. I went the place few days before.


      All my details were true except my religion. I would like to know about my past life and what would be my future I got the reading recently. To select the correct leaf, they are asking several questions, if they are asking my name to select the correct leaf, thats fine. To confirm those details, they are using our information as well.

      Pleaase tell me. Nice Post!! Astrology and life both are connect to each other.


      nadi astrology scam-How nadi astrology are made?

      Astrology is best way for solve future problems. I also visited this place and i really believe them coz of my friends recommendation. But finally i realized that they were gathering all our information by asking lots of questions and if we answered them incorrectly,the so called NADI statement they mentioned that incorrect things. For an exp, when they what my father currently doing, i just replied he was a pensioner and at the time of reading my leaf they mentioned that my father had a government job, whereas in really my father is a retired person from a private company, never did any government job.

      They started to charge from us at the entrance for flowers den for nadi readings, CD writing and also for they ask tip for their translators if we couldn't understand Tamil. I have already known about this earlier, One of my friend's father has passed away in early age. And the family later found that he went to this place and checked his future from a record, and he knew about his death but he did not tell any of his family members.

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      Nadi statement is not like checking your chart and try to trick you. If you guys are going to trick and give wrong information about how your name starts etc, then you are making fun of them and you are deliberately wasting your money plus you don't have any desire to get to know. Normally I'm not the person believe everything which most of the people say. But I wanted to check it for my relax because I faced a big problem in my life. So I did not wanted to trick and I did not want them to trick on me.

      Rahu Kaal North India - Wednesday, 09/10/12222

      This was the first time believe me, I gave only my date of birth and thumb print , so the person who read the leaves asked about how my name starts, how my parents' and husband's name start This he did not ask when before he start read leaves he had in his hand. He read every leaf with the names possible, if at least one name is wrong he skip the leaf and read next.

      He started to read at about 4. He skipped more than 40 leaves and then he told a name that was exactly mine so I told yes it is. Then my father's name was there then my mothers name then my husband's name. It was exactly same even without any spelling mistakes. I have never feel the same when my mother takes me to a Astrologists etc. If you guys don't believe and going to make fun, then please do not go there. Where exactly did you go to get your Nadi reading? Can you give me the contact details? Thank you! I also want to know that if their future prediction about your partner is told correctly?