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The paradox, is that if you imagine that an aspiration is going to come true, part of you automatically starts to work with the sense of inevitability. This affects the choices you make and your attitude, so that you start to make what you want more probable. Uncertainty decreases the chance of your dreams coming true.

It's time to believe in your future. You can make it happen. Scorpio Back to top Daily Forecast Magicians don't use animals in their acts any more. There are no more doves appearing out of handkerchiefs.


But, today, let's imagine that you're an illusionist, and you're about to perform a trick with a hat and a rabbit. You tap your magic wand and say, 'abracadabra', but as you reach into the hat you panic.

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Suppose it has escaped? You'll look like a failure. Don't allow imaginary worries to affect your confidence today. With Jupiter settling into a new sign, things will go better than you think. Sagittarius Back to top Daily Forecast Are you a good person or a bad one? Is that a halo glowing, or tiny horns poking through? Of course, these kinds of questions are easy to ask but far harder to answer.

We're all composed of a mixture of positive and negative attributes. You're a good-hearted, generous Sagittarian. But you're not perfect As your ruling planet, Jupiter, settles into its new celestial home it brings a welcome boost of affirmative energy. A series of good things are on their way. Capricorn Back to top Daily Forecast Picture the scene; the hero is hanging by their fingertips from the edge of the cliff while the anti-hero stands there, waiting for them to fall.

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Our hero looks into the eyes of the villain and pleads for help, but they respond by stamping on their fingers. Oh no! Isn't that how you secretly feel about the position you put yourself in when you ask anyone for assistance? Yet now that Jupiter is in your sign, it's an inappropriate way to be thinking. If you reach out your hand, you'll get the support you need. Aquarius Back to top Daily Forecast Not so long ago, wristwatches told the time. Nowadays, they can do the most extraordinary things We can even make phone calls with them and pay for items in a shop.

Early this year in you will have a great deal of personal energy.

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But like the other areas of your life, you feel restlessness and ill at ease with a major part of your life. But you will have a stable level of health. Wellness does need attention, but you will likely let it go.

AQUARIUS December 2019, The Start of a NEW AGE for You! Jupiter in Capricorn 2019-2020!

Is Aries lucky in ? According to the horoscope, you will experience an increase in pure energy. You can expect the opportunity to create something new and wonderful this year. Would you like to launch a small business? To organize an event?

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  7. To succeed in a competition? Or perhaps you would like to write a book?

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    4. All these things are possible and easier to achieve than ever! The Aries who are already involved in happy relationships will have increased feelings for their partners. But they will keep their emotions under control. In March and June, some Aries might get married or enter in a new relationship phase. Usually, Aries is a very lucky person. The stars ask you not to be tempted to start new endeavors on a personal level.

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      The current astral energy may not be in favor of making big plans setting goals. Your trips will be successful if you are careful behind the wheel. Analysis helps you reach the required standards in your relationships. Be responsible, especially now. Compliment your horoscope with the Love Fortune Cookie. Click here to learn more about the Aries zodiac sun sign.